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About Us

Who are Cauldrons?

Debbie and Luana


Our Vision: 

We aim to provide quality Pagan supplies affordably.  We want to provide the products that we would like to be able to buy, products that appeal to people of all levels of the Craft and all over New Zealand.


Our History: 

We had found it difficult to find quality products locally in Christchurch, that isn’t to say there aren’t any, but at that time, there weren’t many Pagan shops open, and those that were open were some distance away or in the centre of town.  The products that we did find in nearby shops had no real feeling to them other than a desire to make money, and we struggled with the thought of using them for any pure purpose when they felt wrong.  What a shame no one was doing what we wanted – maybe it’s up to us to fill this gap.

We started with a stall at the Riccarton Market, selling incenses, oils, washes, bath salts and creams, and while our few customers gave us great feedback, we found that the market was probably not the best venue for us.  Besides, being sited next to the Seventh Day Adventist stand was somewhat amusing for us, the people who frequent the Riccarton Market were not really our target audience. We decided that perhaps the selling part wasn’t our forte, and regrouped for a few months.

Debbie designed the Sconce and her partner sent it (unbeknownst to her) to a fabricator for a quote.  Finding the quote extremely reasonable, the Pentacle Wall Sconce was created and received excellent feedback.

This fuelled the creative process in both of us, and inspiration dawned in the Calendar.  We thought hard about making one – there are some wonderful Calendars produced in New Zealand already, but when we talked about what we’d like to see in a calendar, we found that we wanted to see beautiful glossy pictures, we wanted a big calendar that caught the eye, and while all of the information on other calendars is very valuable, we didn’t use half of it.  A few (mind-blowing) printing quotes later, we found a program that we could use to create the calendar.  It still wasn’t up to our original ideal, but still seemed to make a splash. 

Now we're working on our sixth edition of the calendar which is now a Samhain calendar, running from May of one year to the end of April the next.  We now have a local Canterbury printer making these look as professional as we wanted them to be.  Debbie works tirelessly on all the formatting now, making the calendar from a blank page to what the printer needs and I must say she does an excellent job.  We sell out fast, so if you're interested in a new one when it is released we do take pre-orders, or you can just make sure you get in quick at the beginning of the Pagan year. 

Opening our creative sides up and trusting that what comes out is of interest and value to others has been a wild, and at times downright scary, ride so far, and shows no sign of letting up.  Long may it continue!

We're proud to be the organisers of a monthly coffee meet - although due to the quakes they've been in hiatus - as well as the Annual Cauldrons Paganfest, a weekend long festival held to celebrate life as a pagan, bringing together likeminded and curious minded people to learn and experience life in a 'free to be me' pagan environment.  Check out the website for more details on the next one - www.cauldrons.co.nz/paganfest



Who are Cauldrons?




Alter-egos Mad Moon Woman, Cat Rowan Alithia
Path Eclectic Pagan/Witch Witch - Egyptian ties
Sun Signs Aquarius Capricorn
Elemental Affinity Air Earth
Part time Barmaid
Full time Mum of three
Customer Manager
Newly admitted lawyer
Favourite Sabbats Beltane Beltane and Ostara
Weaknesses Chocolate, babies, booksales Intellectual Arrogance
We don't have enough space for this one - says Luana Intellectual Arrogance
Dream Destination


The wonderful warm forest in my imagination.  There is not really any place that I have to go to Guess... pyramids, sand, camels, history.
Phobia Mediocrity Insignificance
Shameful Indulgence Reality TV
Romance novels when I don't need to concentrate
Author who best defines witchcraft - fiction or not Terry Pratchett
Isabel Bird
Greatest achievement to date My three beautiful babies My two degrees
BTchLn and LLB
Dream Job Writer of everything, fiction, non-fiction, you name it, I have an opinion. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or NZ representative to the United Nations
Pleasure Bourbon and Smart Fantasy Novels Learning - anything and everything.

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Brew Mistress Debbie


Eclectics tend to get a bad rap from a lot of people, we're often seen as dabblers, too lazy or too arrogant to follow any path to its end. Many assume that we think we know more than those who've walked the path or that we're too disrespectful to bother with traditions and any sort of depth to our Religion and Spirituality.  While this may be true for some eclectics, it's certainly not true of all of us.

I started with the stereotypical Wiccan Path.  I read all the books, practiced what I learned and it consumed my spiritual life for a few years.  It was only when I was questioned on what I believed that I found the  textbook answers I'd been giving  didn't sit right with me, they tasted wrong in my mouth and I'd been living a very shallow form of magickal practice.  I started to question just what I did believe, how I felt about various issues within the Pagan Community, what I did and why.

I studied High Magic for a while with a Golden Dawn Adept as my mentor.  I loved it but found the structure to be too rigid and restrictive to what I felt to be my true spirituality, and having to learn online (my mentor was in France) and there was no Golden Dawn Temple in New Zealand made it a bit difficult for me. 

After a while I realised that I'd become what I despised, an Internet Witch.  One who sits in front of their monitor and theorises without actually doing anything.  Don't get me wrong, I love the debates and the intellectual discussions, but when that was most of my Pagan Life I realised that it wasn't enough for me.  The books started to lose their flavour at about this time too - I found that they tended to describe more of what I wasn't than what I was.  My book choices have become more specific to individual topics than the broad spectrum how-tos that I used to read.

I used to find myself growing discontent and envious of all the Sabbat Celebrations and Pagan Meets that were happening in other cities, and grumbling about how there wasn't one here in Christchurch.  It struck me one day that instead of moaning, maybe I should do something about it.  So I opened my home to 8 almost strangers for an Autumn Equinox Ritual, I'd met Luana previously at the 2002 Pagan Fest and we'd communicated online since, but aside from one of my friends and my sister, I only knew the others online.  It was great, and soon we were meeting fairly regularly for Sabbats and get togethers.  We organised Coffee Meets and soon started running open public rituals.

One of our group was heavily involved in Women's Spirituality and Blood Mysteries, and this lead me to explore this aspect of myself and my spirituality.  It has become an important part, but still only a part of my many faceted and varied spiritual life.

Because of my own very inquisitive nature and need to understand the hows and whys of everything, I have made every effort to understand the histories and cultures that I syncretise from.  I am deeply respectful of every form of Religion as I believe that your connection and relationship with your chosen deity is a personal one, and as long as it works for you it's all good.  My own personal path is as varied and diverse as my own ancestry, but it is all mine and done with the deepest respect for its roots.

Just when I think I've got it all sorted, however, my children teach me something new and I have to look it all again.

- Debbie

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Brew Mistress Luana


I had the typical Pacific Island upbringing.  My Tongan father made sure that I had a good catholic start to my life, and even went so far as to decide that he wanted me to become a nun.  I enjoyed the feeling of spirituality that the church provided, but for the longest time that I can remember I just couldn't bring myself to truly accept the dogma and 'truths' that were being thrown at me.    Spiritually I wandered aimlessly for years, trying my hardest to fake things, so as to not upset my family.  I had no idea about paganism and witches, aside from what I had read in story books and in my bible. 

So how does a fake christian end up being pagan when she had no idea paganism existed in the modern world?  Simple... the Goddess called me.  Actually, Isis called me.  It's a long story, and if you stop by I may bore you with it sometime.  However, basically the story ends with me finding a path that answered all my questions, and sat right, without making me feel empty.

I am eclectic, however I do have a stronger affinity with the Egyptian pantheon for obvious reasons.  I did explore Wicca in the beginning, but moved on, and now I label myself a witch, with no other title apart from that.  I honour the Lord and Lady in many different ways, sometimes elaborate and often times simple and personal.  I like nothing other than to smoulder some incense, light a candle and just.... be. 

My favourite tool is my huge mortar and pestle (you may noticed it in the calendar and in other pictures on this site) that I often joke could be a lethal weapon.  It is with this that most of the incenses are created.   In our group I used to make the incenses for our rituals and marvelled at how each blend set the tone for what we were doing, and how subtle differences in ingredients and energy used when grinding can make a world of difference.  

- Luana

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While we make every effort to ensure you receive a quality product, we cannot guarantee any magickal outcome, as your own energies, intent and effort are an integral part of any magickal working or ritual you perform.