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Welcome to Cauldrons' store. Roam around, if there is anything you'd like to see added, or something you think we need to fix, flick us an email and we'll look into it.

In addition to the products listed on this site is the ability to custom make any different blend you wish.  If the incense, wash, oil, cream etc that you require is not listed, just email us and we can make a small batch up just for you at no extra cost.


Dancing1Dancing the Sacred Wheel

A Journey Through the Southern Sabbats

by Frances Billinghurst

We are happy to stock the first book by renown Australian High Priestess, Frances Billinghurst.


There are eight earth centric festivals ("sabbats") that make up the "Wheel of the Year", which celebrate the journey through the seasons. In Dancing the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through the Southern Sabbats, the author draws upon her own experience of following a Pagan spiritual path and creating ritual for over the 20 years in southern central Australia. In doing so, she combines traditional Pagan lore with personal experience, history with ritual as well as developing an underlying relationship with her local environment. (Excerpt from Author's website)


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Round About the Cauldron Go*

 This is where Debbie and I will be able to display our writing, share out thoughts and make any announcements regarding Cauldrons, the PaganFest or anything else we find relevant.  Currently it holds a few pieces but we hope that given time we'll be able to build it up.  Feel free to leave a comment. 

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Monthly Coffee Meets

Looking for something to do?  Feeling isolated? Come along to a coffee meet. We host them each month, at a cafe somewhere in Christchurch.  We've gone back to our usual cafe - while we loved the other one with it's allergy friendly menu, we found that it closed way too early, and we love being able to relax and just chat for as long as we need to without feeling rushed. 

We'll be seated at the table with the peacock feather. Come along, walk past, check us out.  If you feel brave enough sit down and introduce yourself.

We promise we don't bite. 


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Coffee Meets

 We're still looking for a suitable place for  meet due to earthquake damage :)



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While we make every effort to ensure you receive a quality product, we cannot guarantee any magical outcome, as your own energies, intent and effort are an integral part of any magical working or ritual you perform.

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